Birth Data for Wolf:
Birth Date and Time….. October 23, 1985 2:45 PM
Birth Location…………. Carlton, Australia

SUN      29 Lib 44           
NEPTUNE    1 Cap 18
MOON     28 Aqu 03           
PLUTO      4 Sco 29
MERCURY  18 Sco 31           
ASC.      16 Pis 28
VENUS     8 Lib 15           
MC        15 Sag 12
MARS     27 Vir 13           
2nd CUSP  12 Ari 41
JUPITER   7 Aqu 46           
3rd CUSP  12 Tau 45
SATURN   27 Sco 08           
5th CUSP  17 Can 47
URANUS   15 Sag 29           
6th CUSP  18 Leo 34

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 04:45:00   Time Zone: 10 hours East
Lat. and Long. of birth: 33 S 58    151 E 08  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  7 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  7 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  7 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  5 Deg 00 Min

Your Astrological Identity


You were born at a time when the Sun was about to move from one sign into the next–or had just done so. The astrological term for this is that your were “born on the cusp”, or, that you were a “Cusp Baby”. The sign that the Sun was actually in at the time of your birth will always be your true Sun-sign, and its imprint upon your personality is usually the more dominant.

However, planetary influences do not change immediately like turning one light off and another one on. The transition is more gradual, as the influences of the sign the Sun is leaving diminish while the influences of the new sign increase. We call that period of time the “Orb of influence” and for the cusp interpretation of the Sun-sign change, we use the span within the last three degrees of the sign which the Sun is leaving and the first three degrees of the sign it is moving into. The Sun moves through the signs at approximately one degree per day, so the total transition period we use is approximately six days.

The easiest way to interpret the Sun on the “cusp” would perhaps be to consolidate and intermix indiscriminately all the influences of both signs and print out a conglomerate of “one fits all”. Since this IS a transition period, such an interpretation would not fit everyone, and would create the risk of not portraying your true personality or individuality. Consequently, you will need to use some self analysis in order to get the best of this section. We will print the dominant influences of both Sun-signs: first the sign the Sun is leaving and next the sign it is entering into. Remember, as the Sun moves further into the emerging sign, the stronger you are likely to recognize that Sun-sign’s imprint upon your personality.

Harmony and balance are the keynotes with your natal Sun in Libra. You instinctively understand the need to accommodate the interests and desires of others, and you are always fair and willing to meet the other person half way. Tactful, diplomatic and socially aware, you do all you can to avoid conflict and discord. You express a spirit of cooperation and compromise, and often achieve your goals through charm and discretion which would have been impossible to accomplish by a more direct, forceful approach.

Material things are not as important to you as is the human condition, but you are likely to accumulate things material, nevertheless. You also have a strong need for beautiful, harmonious surroundings and a natural sense of artistic style and grace, which is reflected in the way you dress, and the way you furnish and arrange your home and work-space, etc. Everything must be aesthetically pleasing and appropriate. Working with people as a counselor, advisor, consultant, negotiator, or in an artistic field such as design or photography would be fulfilling for you.

You are probably quick to initiate new projects or ideas, but usually seek the cooperation of others rather than continue alone. You have a special need for companionship in order to be fulfilled, yet you need to maintain your own individuality within the framework of a relationship. Marriage and partnerships could be a primary concern.

Getting along with others and pleasing them may be TOO important to you. You can become too dependent on others’ approval and opinions to be effective in making your own decisions. You will rarely act without getting the counsel and feedback of other people. You prefer sharing and doing things together rather than on your own. Being alone feels very unnatural to you, especially early in life. You have a strong need for a partner and for intimate one-to-one relationships. You have a special need for companionship in order to be fulfilled, yet you need to maintain your own individuality within the framework of a relationship. Marriage and partnerships are a primary concern, but as you get older you may become extremely self-sufficient.

When you do look for love, you invest a great deal of your energy into it, and you are very idealistic and romantic about marriage. You seek a partner who is your equal intellectually, and who is capable of a mental relationship as well as a physical and emotional one. You are a thoughtful, considerate friend or lover, and you enjoy the traditional symbols of love–romance, dating, courtship, flowers, etc. Relationships are like an art to you: one that requires time, attention, and creative effort. You appreciate a partner who is subtle and polished, never coarse or dull or blunt.

Fairness and equality, both in your personal life and in the world, are extremely important to you. If you fight about anything, it is often about something you feel is unfair and unbalanced. Balance is crucial to you, but you believe in moderation in all things, avoiding fanaticism and extremism of any sort. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play, and will expect your partner(s) to work as hard as you do. You may find your profession in the law, public relations, art, performing arts, or any partnership which requires tight, close cooperation.

You are intellectual and actively seek knowledge, new ideas, and mental stimulation. You are especially interested in analyzing what is going on in the society around you, and frequently play the role of peacemaker. You seldom express your own anger, but when you do–look out! You leave nothing unsaid. Your anger blow-up is soon over, but it usually leaves you shaken and ill. You have the strength of your convictions, but you care for others and don’t like to be the cause of their hurt.

You need to learn to accept that the real world will seldom live up to your expectations for justice and fair play. Life itself is just not always smooth, fair, and equal.

Your Sun in Scorpio gives you power, will, and intense emotional desires. Your life is likely to be a constant struggle to conquer desire through creative use of the will. In general, you try to improve the status quo. In all your endeavors, it is important that you embark upon the proper course from the start, since you will act with all your power. Your perfectionism makes it difficult for you to delegate responsibility, consequently you tend to overwork in order to achieve perfection in all details. Whatever you do, you do it with concentration and enthusiasm. You are extremely strong-willed and tenacious in pursuing your objectives. Fierce pride, courage, and emotional strength are yours in abundance.

You are not often the diplomat, but can be rather blunt in expressing your feelings and ideas. You have an intense curiosity to know the nature of things and how things work. You could excel in scientific research, or in any work involving investigation and detection. You also tend to be very secretive, and will not tolerate anyone betraying your trust or a confidence.

You love mysteries and are deeply attracted to the dark and secret side of life. You never take things at face value and are always probing beneath the surface of people and situations to discover what is REALLY going on. You tend to be more of a cynic than an idealist. Your intuition is well developed as a rule, often allowing you to penetrate the thoughts of others. You need to develop that intuition at a spiritual level and tap the power of the creative and regenerative forces of nature. With that connection, your accomplishments could begin to border on the miraculous.

You have a high sense of justice. Although you may despise weakness in yourself and don’t like to see it in others, you can be compassionate to the point of over-extending yourself to help someone else. You have tremendous staying power and will see things through to the bitter end. However, your patience will come to an abrupt halt if you perceive that those you are trying to help are making no effort to help themselves.

You also have a powerful need for deep emotional involvement and you form very intense attachments and love bonds. You are possessive and often jealous of anyone or anything that you perceive as a threat to your relationships with those you love. When you commit yourself to someone, you are whole-heartedly devoted and expect complete loyalty in return. You merge with or “marry” the person you love at a very deep level and therefore separations are extremely painful for you–often stormy and nasty. When you have been wounded, you are not inclined to turn the other cheek and will retaliate if at all possible. Certainly you will never forget the injury, and you may hang onto resentments for a long time. Forgiveness doesn’t come easily to you.

You cannot live at a superficial level, and whatever you become involved with is generally of serious consequence. At sometime in your life, there is almost certain to be a combination of circumstances or a crises of such impact that you will feel your whole life has been completely changed. You may be totally aware when you reach this turning point, or (if you are lucky) it could seem so insignificant that only when you look back on it, you will realize that your total outlook on life is different. Even positive change can be painful, but you can be sure that the new direction your life will take after this metamorphosis is a path toward higher purpose.


People born with Pisces rising on the eastern horizon deal with life by seeing only the best in any situation. Neptune, the Planet of idealism, vision, and high inspiration, rules Pisces, and the natives may have dreams that have little to do with life as others see it. Pisces is a Water sign in the Mutable mode–emotional and adaptable. The symbol of the sign is two fishes swimming in opposite directions, indicating inability to take decisive action.

People see you as a gentle, sensitive person with a deep understanding of people and a very tolerant and nonjudgmental attitude towards life. You appear to wait, to watch, to feel and to know much, but to be somewhat passive and slow to act. You are emotional and adaptable. You are not an aggressive, forceful person, and you intensely dislike conflict. In a noisy, competitive atmosphere you may appear withdrawn and detached. You will let things work themselves out in their own way rather than by directing or forcing your will upon them.

You seem to adopt a viewpoint of high expectations, and survive by seeing things from an overall perspective that appears naive to more factually oriented people. You can walk through the most difficult times with a clear view of the road ahead, and things just seem to work out for you. Use of confrontation and clear-cut decisions are not the way you handle situations. Since you usually DON’T know which direction to go, you wait–and wait–and wait–until, Lo!, the situation has taken its own direction and solved itself.

People see you as a dreamer. You are full of idealism and vision, and you may have dreams that have little to do with life as others see it. You put on the rose colored glasses, brighten the colors a bit, and no harsh glare of reality enters your vision unless you so choose. You are likely to have an irresistible charm, gentle and kind, and may often be put upon a pedestal. People have difficulty resisting the temptation to go along with your concept of life, since it is so beautiful and child-like, personifying what everyone wants to believe.

This idealistic, visionary personality is great unless the world’s reality intrudes too cruelly. When this happens the crash can be catastrophic. Therefore, you need to temper your vision with reality. Be extremely careful of alcohol and drugs. Moderation is the watchword here. You need to learn to deal with reality in all situations, and not persist in seeing yourself only through the rose-colored glasses.

You are super-sensitive to the feelings of others and a good listener. Though you seldom offer solutions, people always feel they were helped by you. You are emotional, but tend not to internalize the pain of others: rather, you remain empathetic and supportive.

People see you as soft and emotional. You can be stirred as strongly by fictional incidents as you can by real life situations, due to your unlimited imagination. You should do well in vocations which require vision–acting, writing, movies, drama, or TV. You have many of the intuitive qualities for spiritual leadership, though the traditional religions may not appeal to you.

Much as your style appeals to others, relationships are difficult for you, mainly because it is so easy to take advantage of you. You believe only the best of everyone, and will close your eyes to their faults. You attract all kinds, and you need to be very discriminative in personal relationships. You will have difficulty in letting go of any that don’t work out. It will be hard for anyone to live up to your expectations, and you probably are very jealous.

When you can temper your idealism with reality, life will be beautiful for you and all those around you. Your way of dealing with life would try the patience of a saint, but it works for you so well that you are likely to be a smashing success in whatever you attempt.

ARIES ON 2ND HOUSE–Mars, planet of action, rules Aries, and when this combination is found on the second house of money and worth, the mild, sensitive Pisces can become aggressive and resourceful. It can provide a high physical energy level, and a spirit of competition. Lack of challenge, lack of opportunity, and/or delays can cause frustration and aggravation. The keyword here is patience. Fall back upon the Pisces characteristic of waiting it out–but take care not to completely lose your motivation.

TAURUS ON 3RD HOUSE–The third house deals with the thinking mind, communications, study, travel, and writing. When Taurus, ruled by Venus, is on this house cusp, it indicates a sociable and charming manner, love of the arts, diplomacy, and negotiating skills. You are likely to be the peacemaker. You will probably love to study, to travel, and to meet new people–mailing postcards from every stop. You could be over-indulgent to loved ones. You may not be motivated to physical activities in the areas of “chores” that need to be done. You should watch out for a tendency to keep the peace at any price, especially if it compromises your principles.

GEMINI ON 4TH HOUSE–Home life, domestic affairs, and the parent of the opposite sex are the fourth house concerns. When Gemini, ruled by Mercury, planet of intelligence, understanding and communications, is on the cusp, the home life tends to be a center of activity. The home can be both a base for thinking, communicating, learning, and business activities, and/or a place to retreat from these high mental activities.

CANCER ON 5TH HOUSE–Fifth house affairs include love–sex, children, entertainment, and speculation. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, brings strong emotions to bear upon these fifth house affairs. Feelings can run deep, intuition can be strong, and nurturing and mother instincts are sure to be a part of the natural expression. Children are important to you, both physical children, as well as children of the mind. They are also likely to display emotional characteristics. Expression of emotions is vital to emotional growth, and writing could be one good method of expression.

LEO ON 6TH HOUSE–Work, service, employee relations, and health are all affairs of the sixth house. Leo, ruled by the Sun, brings great vitality, leadership, opportunity, recognition, and a sense of self-worth to these affairs when it is on the cusp. Good expression of these characteristics will maintain the vitality and promote good health, while frustration of positive efforts to express them could result in illnesses, both real and psychosomatic. There will be a need for positive recognition in all the sixth house matters.

VIRGO ON 7TH HOUSE–Mercury also rules Virgo, the sign of service, detail, and analysis. With Virgo on the seventh house of the public, partner, and mate, it is said that opposites attract. The seventh house is opposite the Ascendant, and there could be a tendency to seek out what is lacking in the personality through seventh house partnerships. With Pisces Rising, the target could be an intellectual type. You will approach the affairs of this house with attention to detail and order.

LIBRA ON 8TH HOUSE–Venus, planet of love, art, and talent rules Libra. When on the eighth house of death, taxes, inheritance and legal affairs there will be a desire to deal with all these affairs in a fair, sensitive manner. The approach will be from a standpoint of responsibility and justice. You may tend to be a little over idealistic in your expectations of others.

SCORPIO ON 9TH HOUSE–The strong, sensitive sign of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of hidden matters, intense feelings, and regeneration. The ninth house deals with philosophy, religion, higher mind, travel, and education. The affairs of the ninth house can be blown out of proportion with the influences of Pluto-Scorpio combinations. These will be approached with extreme intensity and you may need to learn how to lighten up.

SAGITTARIUS ON 10TH HOUSE–The tenth house deals with the career, honor, esteem, profession and recognition. Sagittarius, sign of idealism, achievement, and new thoughts and opinions, is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion, “luck”, enthusiasm, and wealth of spirit. With this sign on the tenth house, you will find it almost impossible to fail in your chosen career. Honors and recognition are likely to pour in from achievements related to your profession. You are enthusiastic, optimistic, and relish challenges and new goals. This is all likely to be enhanced by a sense of spirituality.

CAPRICORN ON 11TH HOUSE–Capricorn, sign of conservatism, ambition, and organization, is ruled by Saturn, planet of discipline and limitations. When this sign is found on the cusp of the eleventh house, friends could be hard to come by. They could either be negative and restrictive, or long-lasting, supportive, and loyal. There will be very little in-between. You may be hesitant in making friends, and if you are the least bit insecure, you could attract friends who are the same way. However (and hopefully), you will be positive, selective, and open in your attitude toward others, in which case you will attract friends who will always be dependable and supportive.

AQUARIUS ON 12TH HOUSE–When Aquarius, sign of new thoughts and inspiration, is on the twelfth house of institutions, limitations, and hidden matters, it can indicate a high degree of sensitivity, intuition, and psychic understanding. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, planet of suddenness, innovation, and the unusual. This combination can help you understand the thoughts of others, and to have flashes of illumination from your own subconscious. If you can develop these gifts, you could have true genius potential, extraordinary psychic powers, and healing ability. Your idealism and vision can translate into practical applications in your life.

The Planets: Positions and Aspects

Planetary Sign and House Positions:

LIBRA SUN AND AQUARIUS MOON–These are two Air signs, trine to each other. They indicate independence and cleverness, but these people are the most romantic of the romantics. Affection and love are not only physical needs, but they can become your philosophy and your creed. This combination can make you a leader in areas where caring for others is a basic requirement. You could also be an artist at heart, but it may not get beyond the level of the imagination. Imagination is rich and visionary. It can be the basis of ambition, but it needs motivation to provide the action necessary for implementation of the dream.

SUN IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE–The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In this house, it gives you an interest in the deeper mysteries of life, such as death, and the survival of consciousness after death. This will probably increase in intensity as you grow older. You are likely to work at self-improvement through the application of your strong will. Spiritual principles are important to you, but may not come easy. You need to transcend the material level of life. The Sun in this house may indicate inheritances and legacies. You are likely to deal much with taxes, insurance, and partners’ or corporate finances. Watch out for trouble in litigation of these kinds of matters. Avoid the tendency to squander others resources.

MOON IN AQUARIUS–In mythology the Moon is always female–as the Sun is always male. In most ancient religions and cults, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun. In astrology, “she” bestows her indiscriminative influences upon both male and female alike, though each sex might respond to the influences in different ways. The Moon in the signs indicates the emotional responses to life’s situations. It determines how you are likely to react to external influences and to the actions of others.

In Aquarius it indicates a capacity to sympathize with the needs of humanity, and you probably have flashes of intuitive knowledge about individuals. You seek freedom for your own emotional expression, and WILL expect freedom to come and go as you please within your domestic situations. You may have unusual family relationships, but your home is likely to be a gathering place for friends and group activities. You are idealistic, with a “One World” concept, and you have a constant concern for the underdog.

You may be seen as a free spirit, but your serious side will project its influences effectively when you are sufficiently motivated and inspired. You will stick to a worthwhile cause and will find sources of ingenuity to further its consummation. You are ambitious, and are willing to utilize many resources and much inventiveness in order to succeed. The greater the scope of the project, the better you will like it.

You need to beware of any irrational need for freedom at all costs, and fear of personal emotional involvements because they might pose a threat to your personal freedom. You could also have a tendency to emotional perversity and stubbornness.

MOON IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE–The Moon in the houses indicates the areas of daily activity through which your feelings are manifested, and gives clues to the type of activity on the domestic scene. In the Twelfth House it indicates that your moods and emotional responses are strongly affected by the unconscious and by past experiences. You are extremely emotional, and find it hard to communicate your feelings. This could cause you to be shy and lonely. Your feelings are easily hurt, and you need to guard against any neurotic tendencies and depressions. Your domestic scene could be affected by secret love affairs.

MERCURY IN SCORPIO–Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy your mind, and reveals your psychological approach to making decisions and conveying your ideas to others. In Scorpio it gives you an intuitive mind capable of profound insights. You see things accurately, but not necessarily charitably. You may use sharp language, but you will “call a spade a spade”, and will not mince words. If you cannot express yourself openly, you will remain silent. You have much resourcefulness and great determination of mind, and can surmount obstacles that many would not attempt. Watch out for preoccupation with sex and distrust for other people.

MERCURY IN THE NINTH HOUSE–Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the ninth house position, it indicates an interest in higher education, or professions requiring advanced degrees. Many teachers and professors have Mercury in this house. Interest in philosophies can be strong. Your decisions include moral and ethical considerations as well as the practical. You need to guard against intellectual pride and snobbery, and not allow yourself to become dogmatic and sectarian in your opinions and beliefs.

VENUS IN LIBRA–Venus in the signs indicates how you express your emotions in personal relationships and signifies your attitudes toward money, personal possessions, creature comforts, and aesthetic and social values. In the sign Libra, it indicates that harmonious relationships are extremely important to you, especially in marriage. It makes for attractiveness to the opposite sex, and gives much ability to understand the feelings of others. Your aesthetic perceptions are highly developed, and you are likely to have more than an aptitude for some form of art–possibly music. You have a highly developed sense of fair play, but dislike disagreements and discord. You may even be tempted to conform, rather than confront, in order to avoid argument and unpleasantness.

VENUS IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE–Venus in the houses indicates how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life. In the seventh house it indicates popularity, social ability and the ability to deal with the public. Marriage and close personal relationships are important to you. You have great ability to express love, therefore you receive love in return. You may marry young and prosper from marriage.

MARS IN VIRGO–Mars, planet of energy, gives us information about modes of action as a result of the desire principle. It influences ambition and indicates some forms of expressing our emotional behavior. In the sign Virgo, it gives you much originality in thought and an interest in scientific enterprises. There may be difficulties in the way of career, but you will plan your actions carefully and execute them systematically, going your own quiet way. You are attracted to the healing arts, and may be successful in one of the healing professions. You are quick-witted and can be shrewd and acquisitive, but tactful and discriminative. You need to beware of overwork, and tendencies to be irritable, proud, and obstinate.

MARS IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE–Mars in the houses indicates the areas of life in which you express your actions and desires, and where you need to use energy and initiative in order to get results. Seventh house position indicates aggressive partnership activities or working with the public. You are likely to be attracted to people with the same nature, and strife can be part of the relationships. With energy and single-mindedness of purpose, you are able to achieve much through cooperative efforts. You will need to beware of serious disagreements and marital discord.

JUPITER IN AQUARIUS–Jupiter in the signs indicates your ethical, religious, and philosophical beliefs. It shows the ways in which you express interest in higher education, and your relationship to the social order. With this planet in Aquarius, you are likely to insist on social, religious, and moral values that are universal, impartial, and democratic in every respect. You will be attracted to curious and mystical studies, out-of-the-ordinary philosophies, the occult, and astrology. You are humanitarian in a broad sense, and support such activities publicly. You may be psychic in your understanding of the common good.

JUPITER IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE–Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and the types of activity through which you express your religious, philosophical, and educational ideas. When found in the eleventh house, you are likely to achieve your goals through group activities and friendships. You are concerned for humanity, kind to friends, and will attract friends who are generous and helpful to you. Inspirational, spiritual, and moral support and information is freely exchanged, and the efforts are toward humanitarian endeavors. Be careful never to take friends for granted.

SATURN IN SCORPIO–Saturn in the signs indicates the areas in which you must accept responsibility and the ways in which you must practice discipline and develop maturity. In Scorpio, the responsibilities are given an emotional intensity. You have an enormous drive for success with the determination, persistence, and thoroughness to achieve it. You crave authority, and can use either fair or unfair means to get it. You can be rigid in principles, independent and resourceful. You have a need to know, which inspires investigations into the occult. You should use your psychic abilities in the pursuit of knowledge. You need to learn to be tolerant of mere mortals, and curb the tendencies to harbor resentments. Avoid abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

SATURN IN THE NINTH HOUSE–Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which we must learn to act with discipline and to express practical ambition through maturity. In the ninth house, it gives you a serious interest in religion, philosophy, and higher education. You are likely to prepare for and to seek positions of status, power, and authority, and will probably achieve personal distinction and recognition in education, religion, or philosophy. Long journeys for business purposes are likely, but beware of trouble in foreign lands. Practice moderation in your attitudes toward religion and morality and avoid excessive use of alcohol and other drugs.

URANUS IN SAGITTARIUS–Uranus in the signs indicates the ways in which you express your urge for freedom and individuality, and how you establish your link with the Universal Mind. In Sagittarius, these influences will focus on philosophy, education and religion. You will seek your own TRUTH, and will not be inclined to accept the traditional limits that has been set by earlier generations–especially in religion. You are likely to be drawn to the renewal of more ancient philosophies, such as astrology, numerology, and other fore-runners of modern day sciences, seeking to combine the validity of all into a concept that you can accept in your own search for truth. You may travel to foreign countries and sometime embrace the concept of one world government for all of mankind.

URANUS IN THE TENTH HOUSE–Uranus in the houses indicates the types of activities through which you express your urge toward freedom and individuality. In the tenth house, it could mean an unusual profession and reputation. Originality is the theme: uncommon lines of thought, new lines of activity, and customs and codes of your own. Your desire for freedom will influence you to undo and overthrow all bonds of limitation. You are strong-willed and ambitious to achieve prominence through unique contributions to your profession. You may not appreciate authority and routine responsibility.

NEPTUNE IN CAPRICORN–Neptune is more generational than personal. While it is in Capricorn world governments will be in chaos. Economic and political structures will be brought down, and practical solutions will be sought. New forms of government and politics will emerge, with more and more emphasis upon one world government. Neptune vibrates at a high spiritual level, and in the life of the native, these influences will encourage the blending of the oneness of self with the Oneness of the Universe. Avoid mood altering drugs.

NEPTUNE IN THE TENTH HOUSE–Neptune in the houses indicates how you express your mystical potential, and may reveal some of the karma produced by your past actions. In the tenth house the focus is on the career. This immediately brings to mind the ministry, but, of course, any of the helping professions will be enhanced by the intuitive ability bestowed by Neptune in the tenth house. You have the ability to empathize with others, as well as being able to keep secrets, making you an excellent confidant. You intuitively know how to draw the other out to help them see their own reality. You certainly have the capacity for spiritual leadership, but need to beware of spiritual pride and bigotry. Your way is seldom the only way.

PLUTO IN SCORPIO–Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and its influences are also generational. During the time Pluto is in this sign, the Piscean age comes to an end. All of the things that are wrong with our world will come into focus, and the message is “regenerate or die”. The human race will have no choice but to clean up the environment, to deal with sickness and famine, to establish viable world economic and political bases, and to implement effective social reforms. At the personal level, it encourages both physical and psychological health maintenance, and the establishment of positive personal values.

PLUTO IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE–Pluto in the houses indicates in which departments of life you need to exercise conscious creative willpower to regenerate yourself and your surroundings. Eighth house focus is on the continuity of the consciousness after loss of the physical body, or, life after death. Search for faith may include studies in astrology, yoga, meditation, karma, reincarnation, and other occult subjects. You must concentrate on the positive in order to find the true way for you. Your higher spiritual powers are likely to be positive, and you will be able to overcome the negative, in yourself as well as others. Avoid temptation to use your powers for purely personal gain.

Planetary Aspects:

Following are the interpretations of the planetary aspects to each other. Aspects are angular relationships between two or more planets that have been found to modify the influences bestowed. Significant angles are: Conjunction (same degree), Sextile (60 degrees), Square (90 degrees), Trine (120 degrees), and Opposition (180 degrees). Don’t worry that some of these individual interpretations seem to conflict. Remember–we look at the whole person, and the separate parts can modify, reinforce, or nullify each other.

SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO–This conjunction confers tremendous energy and willpower which may be demonstrated by regeneration and positive change in yourself and the things around you. It is imperative that you bring your will into tune with the Divine Will, and the results can be phenomenal. One result can be sexual potency, which can be expressed through the body or the mind. When sublimated through the mind, the higher states of the universal mind can be tapped, and you can become a true instrument of Divine Will. Without that influence, other manifestations could be self-destructive.

SUN TRINE THE MOON–This trine indicates a harmonious balance between the conscious expression of your will and the automatic emotional responses. It usually brings strong physical vitality and stamina, with good health and recuperative powers. You are attractive to the opposite sex, and are able to function well in your social relationships because of your inner harmony. This aspect promotes self-confidence and optimism. You like children and work well with them.

SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE–This aspect supports creativity and inspiration which can be expressed through art, religion, and mysticism. Artists, writers, and musicians are likely to have this aspect. Mystical insights and sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others could give you a deep humanitarian outlook. These gifts of vivid imagination and visions could also be applied to successful ventures for material gain. Neptune is the planet of the occult–deep psychic feelings–and you need to seek always for positive spiritual guidance.

MOON SQUARE SATURN–This square produces feelings of melancholy and unhappiness. You are likely to have low emotional vitality. You may tend to be an emotional prisoner of the past, allowing distressing memories to block happiness in the present. You may have had a mother complex, or conflict with your mother. You need to force yourself to forget the past and face each new day with faith and optimism. Work on a positive self-image one day at a time, thus creating your own self-worth. Some difficulties with females is indicated. Know that and work on tolerance and patience.

MOON TRINE PLUTO–This trine provides for positive emotional regeneration of yourself and (possibly) your environment. It can give you strong emotional intensity, and still allow your feelings to remain under the control of your will. This is a rare blend of will and emotions, and can provide tremendous power to overcome obstacles to material and spiritual success. You can transform thought into material, objective manifestation, for you know instinctively that “thoughts are things”.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE–This aspect provides strong psychic potentials. You are likely to be intuitively in tune with the occult, and transcendental communications will come easily to you. Your memory of the distant and karmic past is extensive, and you may learn to bring it up to your present consciousness at will. Your intuition will help you in decision making, especially where financial matters are concerned. You can be especially attuned to family matters and needs. Your imagination is expansive, and you are likely to become involved with group(s) in practicing positive occult activities.

MERCURY TRINE THE ASCENDANT–This aspect confers a high degree of intelligence, keen mental and sensory perception, and the ability to express yourself fluently to others. You need, and are likely to have good mental compatibility in marriages and partnerships.

VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE–This square can cause emotional and sexual problems from past experiences hidden in the subconscious mind. It could be a karmic influence. Sexual imagery can inflame the passions causing unhealthy relationships and affairs. You can waste your affections on unworthy recipients, with the likelihood of justifying sexual desires by giving them the name of love. You could be very sensitive to sexual responses and easily hurt by any implication of failure to please. You could become an easy prey to those who feign sympathy and understanding. The lesson to be learned is restraint. Reinforce self-worth in every positive way, and seek trustworthy friends for support. Avoid alcohol and drugs.

VENUS TRINE JUPITER–This trine should give you a happy, optimistic, sociable disposition. It favors success in music and the arts. You should find harmony in domestic and marital affairs. You probably have a pleasing voice and potential to be an excellent singer. Perhaps the greatest gift of this aspect is the ability to spread joy to others. You have much sympathy for the unfortunate. You have good control of the social graces, and are good company. Know from whence these gifts came, and don’t give way to indolence and lazy living.

MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE–This square produces “peculiar” emotional desires from deep levels of the subconscious. There is a tendency to self-deception, since you are not always fully aware of your real emotions. The expression may take the form of alcoholism, drug abuse, and/or sexual excesses. There is very likely to be confusion in sexual identity which could result in unhealthy repression of sexual activity or, in the opposite direction, excessive sexual activity and potentially dangerous sexual experimentation. Great energies are released with this aspect which can be directed to positive advantages in art, dance, drama, music, and other art forms requiring your active imagination. Moderation is the lesson here, but take control. Face the emotions by dredging them up from the subconscious, accept what is right for you, and harness the imagination, letting the Mars energy make it work for you in positive ways.

MARS SEXTILE SATURN–This aspect helps where strenuous work and physical discipline are required. Mechanical abilities, precision in workmanship, endurance, and fortitude usually are supported here. You can use your energy efficiently. However, this does not infuse warmth into the personality, but can make you appear cold and austere.

JUPITER SQUARE PLUTO–Squares provide obstacles to be overcome and this one is no exception. It can make you want to be the ultimate authority, especially in the areas of religion and education. You would like to remake those institutions and rebel against their contemporary forms. Social niceties may mean very little to you, causing you to ignore them unless there is a definite advantage in your compliance. You need to work on mental pride and willfulness, and to become more tolerant of social norms.

JUPITER SQUARE NODE–This aspect can cause conflict and difficulty in adjusting to social institutions. Your religious, educational, and social attitudes are not likely to be in harmony with the trends and the culture in which you find yourself.

URANUS CONJUNCT THE MIDHEAVEN–This conjunction indicates an unusual profession, possibly in science, electronics, or the occult–such as Astrology. You will be happier if you are your own boss. It is likely that you will find unorthodox ways to conduct business and to achieve your goals, using scientific and technical advances in unique ways. You need to be aware of risks to your public reputation, and practice honesty in all transactions.

URANUS SQUARE THE ASCENDANT–This aspect indicates problems with authority figures. There could be rebellion against parents and teachers, and sudden job changes because of super-sensitivity and desire for freedom from authority. You might do best in career efforts in a business of your own. You need to learn to curb impulsive actions and to think out your moves before you make them.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE PLUTO–This aspect has more general and historical connotations than personal, but in the personal interpretation it indicates unusual occult, intuitive, scientific, and aesthetic abilities. It could generate sudden and secret changes. You need to concentrate on the positive occult powers.

PLUTO OPPOSITE THE NORTH NODE–This opposition could cause alienation or difficulties with the society. Your feelings of being an “outsider” could be very intense, even if you do not agree with the societal mores. This could be a Karmic influence from a life when you made sweeping changes without considering the feelings of others, and now the shoe is on the other foot. Your Karma in this lifetime could be to experience those feelings.


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